Impact Badges

Rethink Your Impact With Inwit

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy our food knowing it’s advocating and supporting a better tomorrow? The ripple effects of our choices are far reaching, and as conscious consumers, we want to feel great about supporting local restaurants that share our values.

Our impact badges are meant to give you a better idea of how ingredients were grown, who grew them, how far they’ve travelled, and sustainable practices behind the counter. They promote and celebrate resto practices that advocate for a world that is good for you, the community and the planet. We believe real, healthy, and local food tastes great and helps bring about far-reaching social change.

Badges are given to our restaurant partners after submitting invoices that show their commitment to our nine impact areas.

Doesn’t it feel great contributing to a better tomorrow through our choices?!

Responsible Waste Management

Restos ensure that recycling and organics are properly managed, minimizing waste sent to landfills

Renewable Energy

Restos operations are powered through renewable sources, such as Bullfrog Power


Resto source a minimum of 25% GMO-free ingredients

Package-Free Suppliers

Resto source from suppliers that offer package-free ingredients such as, grains, vegetables, tofu, etc.


Resto source a minimum of 25% certified organic ingredients


Restos offer balanced vegetarian and vegan options

Farm to Table

Resto source a minimum of 25% Ontario-grown ingredients

*Preferably through direct acquisition from the producer which might be a winey, brewery, farm, fishery, etc.

Food Waste Reduction

Resto have partnerships in place to avoid and reduce “end-of-day” food waste such as Food Rescue, Second Harvest, Feed it Forward, etc.

Fair Trade

Resto source Fair Trade certified ingredients whenever possible