Impact Points


Earn Impact Points each time you takeout AND return! (yes, for real)

Being mindful of our daily choices isn’t always easy, but you’re going the extra mile to make our world a better place, and that’s something to celebrate!

Join Torontonians as we change the way we enjoy takeout here in the city! Impact Points are rewards earned when you cast your vote for a greener tomorrow. By choosing to support our mission and invest in future generations, you’ll earn 20 Impact Points (ip) for every dollar spent on our platform. In addition, you’ll also earn Impact Points when returning Inwit containers to any participating restaurant!

The faster you return your container(s) the more Impact Points you will earn!

Day after your order – 500 ip

Two days after – 450 ip

Three days after – 400 ip

Four days after – 200 ip

Five days after – 100 ip

Six days after – 50 ip

A week after – 20 ip

Remember, the faster you return our containers, the more single-use waste we can prevent from entering our landfills and waterways. Together, we will create greater collective impact!

How to redeem your impact points

Exchange Impact Points for more of your favourite local bites. Discounts are applied at checkout once you’ve collected enough Impact Points to reach one of our redemption levels.

Welcome to a new and simple way to enjoy takeout that’s good for restos, the community and the planet!

Redemption Levels (ip)Dollar Value (CAD)