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A Greener Holiday
Season Is Here!

The season of festivities is upon us with the promise of joy and, of course, a delightful spread of dishes. If you’ve ever organized a company gathering, you know the drill: hunting down the best caterers, ensuring the delivery aligns with your schedule, and juggling multiple vendors to please everyone’s palate. We have seen a huge demand to embrace sustainability in corporate events to help foster a more conscious workplace culture and enhance company morale while helping achieve your sustainability goals in a delicious way.

This holiday season, as you think of ways to elevate your team’s experience, consider the multivendor approach. It’s more than just food; it’s about embracing diversity, making eco-conscious choices, and celebrating Toronto’s vibrant culinary scene.  Remember, when the flavors of local eats resonate with eco-beats, you’re not just having a meal; you’re part of a sustainable movement. 🎙🌱


A Culinary Tour of Toronto

Unlike a traditional catering model where one vendor supplies all dishes, a multivendor approach lets you handpick items from different restaurants and chefs. Imagine savoring sushi from the best Japanese place in town alongside authentic poutine from that famous Canadian diner – all in one meal. It’s a delightful journey of flavors without having to compromise on your favorites.


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Festive Menus

For those based in Toronto, the multivendor experience is akin to a culinary tour of the city’s finest. From hidden gems to celebrated restaurants, you’re essentially bringing the taste of Toronto directly to your office.


festive menus for your holiday gathering

How it works

Select From Toronto's Best Restaurants

Browse through a curated list of restaurants and culinary outlets in Toronto. Each listing provides detailed menus, ratings, and sustainability practices.

Place Multiple Orders

Once you’ve handpicked dishes from various vendors, simply place your orders separately. The platform allows for customization, ensuring specific dietary requirements or preferences are met. 

Elevate teamwork with our Delightful & Sustainable Corporate Catering. Indulge in exquisite cuisine while fostering a zero waste workplace culture

Synchronized Delivery

The magic lies in the precise orchestration of deliveries. While dishes are sourced from multiple places, they’re synchronized to arrive at your location simultaneously, ensuring freshness and timely service. 


Seamless Coordination

Juggling various restaurants might sound daunting, but the Inwit’s multivendor system ensures hassle-free coordination. Behind the scenes, an efficient team aligns delivery schedules from multiple of restaurant partners to ensure that all dishes arrive at your venue fresh and on time, ensuring that preparation and packaging adhere to zero-waste standards.

A Zero Waste Commitment

With the Mix & Match experience, it’s not just about the diversity of food, but also the promise of sustainability. Each dish comes with a zero-waste guarantee. Instead of heaps of plastic containers, you’re presented with our beautiful reusable packaging that ensures your corporate gathering leaves no trace!

zero waste sustainable corporate catering in toronto

Carbon-Free, Ethical & Reliable Delivery That’s Always On Time

Our beloved courier partner, Send it Courier, delivers 98% of our orders on time using cargo bikes.


Empower & Inspire!

Apart from the tangible benefits of diverse food choices and timely deliveries, there’s a larger message here. By opting for a sustainable, zero-waste approach, companies can inspire their teams to adopt sustainable habits. Our philosophy is “We care for the planet, and together, we can make a difference.”


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