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Torontonians are concerned about single-use waste in their takeout.


Respondents on the Single-Use and Takeaway Items Public Consultation; making it the most popular consultation in the history of our City.
Single-Use and Takeaway Items Public Consultation


of Torontonians indicated strong levels of support for reduction of single-use plastics and waste in their takeout

Single-Use and Takeaway Items Public Consultation


of Torontonians expressed concern about climate change affecting the City.

Climate Perceptions & Attitudes Survey – November 2018 – City of Toronto & Live Green Toronto

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Why make your takeout zero waste with Inwit?

Co-Create A New & Fair Model

We play it fair. You won’t pay more than a walk-in customer paying with a credit card. It’s easy to start with Inwit, and it barrier free. With our help, setting up your store is super easy.

Increase Customer Loyalty

74% of Canadians consider sustainability an important factor when making purchases. Show you care for the planet with Inwit.

APP Canada, Annual report on attitudes towards sustainability

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Our containers will keep your food warm and your customers happy! They are made from stainless steel, insulated,  reusable, easy to clean and beautifully designed.

Reach New Demographics

Showing your customers you are invested in the local community and its future generations will not only make you unique but also helps our future and our planet.

How it works

Receive Orders

Customers browse your menu and place an order through our platform

Prepare Order in Our Reusable Containers

Your restaurant accepts and prepares orders in our high-end containers, which guarantee customers enjoy their food warm!

Sanitize & Reuse

Receive returned containers from customers. Your staff wash & sanitize them to use for future orders. Just like regular dishware!

50% of users place a new order when returning a container.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

​​1. Signup

Complete our Resto Application

2. Setup

We upload your menu and deliver all you need to start selling!

3. Sell

You are ready to receive and fulfill orders!

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