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The Internet has memory, and it never forgets. There is so much content out there, every post, every picture uploaded to Instagram, every blog post takes energy to be created, to be exposed and then to be stored – Yes, our digital “world” also has its own footprint (and it is BIG!). But apparently, it is the best way to reach people like me, and like you 😉

I am Erika. Eight years ago, I became an environmentalist by accident. One day, I decided to watch the documentary “Bag It,” a film focused on plastic pollution. One image, in particular, has become imprinted in my mind since that day: a little seabird full of plastic. Each piece was colourful and branded, and I recognized each one. In an instant, I realized my impact and the impact of my industry.

As a Marketing professional, my job was to take a “product” and influence, someone, to purchase it. The truth is, little to no thought was spared for the environmental or social impact of that product; that was someone else’s responsibility — It’s always someone else’s responsibility.

I wasn’t aware that my lifestyle or job had a negative impact, and even when I chose Marketing as a profession because it paid the highest salaries in the market, not to create peace in the world, I wasn’t evil or cruel; I was only trying to enjoy my life.

One day, my partner and I made the commitment to eliminate single-use plastics from our lives, but we didn’t know it was just the beginning of a wonderful journey! We have gone from the first step of eliminating our plastic consumption to cutting our carbon footprint by more than half, to creating Inwit, a startup which is making our takeout zero waste! (Yes, we are foodies!)

So, we thought if we are doing a blog, let’s do it the right way. To align with our values, this blog is intended to be meaningful and have a purpose beyond selling. We wish to help people like us eight years ago, starting to figure out the best way, not from external sources, but from within

In the Inwit blog, we would like to share some questions and concerns that have come up for us since we started to question our decisions and our personal impact. Where are we coming from, why do we buy/consume, and why do we have a climate crisis? And more! We bet you have many more yourselves, so send them our way 🙂

Every week you will receive a new post, where we intend to take you on a journey of auto-discovery that will start with climate change and will end up finding/strengthening your life purpose, accompanied by cool veggie recipes and resources to help you along the way. 

We believe climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, we also believe that in order to truly fight climate change, we all need to change, as individuals, corporations and governments. We are not looking for who the culprit is, but rather taking personal responsibility and accountability. The stakes are high.

We want to leave the world where we lived in better conditions for our kids, our nephews, nieces — and their kids’ kids.
But the big question is: Are we ready to change?


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