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Zero-Waste Lunch Program
for UTS Students

Healthy, Delicious & Sustainable

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A Sustainable & Delightful Experience That Promotes #ClimateAction

We believe in tackling #ClimateAction one bite at a time. We are offering a Zero-Waste Lunch Program, just for UTS students! We hope you and your kids love it enough to want to order every day of the week. Place an order to start your climate journey

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Delicious, Healthy & Carefully Curated Menus

Delicious and Nutritious Meals: Our monthly menu features a variety of mouthwatering, locally sourced, and health-conscious options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Our Restaurant Partners

Basil Box

Basil Box redefines North American-Asian food, offering authentic and healthy cuisine that satisfies both cravings and conscience.

Hearty Catering

Hearty Catering embraces eco-friendly practices, prioritizing local, organic, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Their delicious cuisine reflects a commitment to naturally raised meats and responsibly sourced seafood.

+ More restaurants and menus will be added throughout the school year!

👋 Say Good Bye To Single-Use Plastics!

We provide reusable stainless steel (non-toxic) containers that eliminate single-use plastics and eliminate waste, making it easy and convenient to nourish your kids while making a positive impact on the environment.


Why Choose Inwit’s Zero-Waste Lunch Program?

Delicious & Nutritious Meals Choices
Meals that tantalize your kids taste buds and nourish their body with wholesome ingredients.

Toxic-Free Packaging
We use stainless steel containers for your kids' meals to steer clear of harmful plastics. Unlike plastics, stainless steel doesn't contain synthetic hormones that disrupt their delicate endocrine balance, ensuring their well-being.

Foster Eco-Consciousness
Embark on a sustainability journey with your children, fostering an eco-friendly future through a sustainable immersive experience.

How it works

Step 1: Placing the Order

Visit the ordering page and follow the instructions (don’t forget to bookmark it)! Browse the menu, select meals, and proceed to payment.

Orders are placed weekly and must be received by Mondays at 6 p.m. You can even pre-order one month in advance at the start of each month!

📅 You can also sign up for an easy order calendar reminder so you never miss a meal!

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Step 2: Lunch is Served

Your kids enjoy, and you relax!

Lunches are available to order every week-day!

The meals will be distributed in the common area by one of Inwit’s friendly and knowledgeable Climate Action Ambassadors at lunch-break.

sustainable school lunch meals to reduce waste

Step 3: Reduce, Reuse

To return containers, your child can bring theirs back (empty, without leftover food) on the same day to our Ambassador by 2pm.

If they are not able to return it on the same day, the following week before they receive their next lunch will be fine.

A deposit system is in place in-case containers are repeatedly misplaced.  Please take a look at our terms and conditions for more info.

Real, Measurable & Tangible Environmental Impact

Celebrate together fostering a sustainable culture that enables students, staff, teachers and parents to participate, contribute, and witness impact.

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