Zero Waste Challenge

Are you just starting to reduce your waste? Are you looking at getting back to your zero waste after the pandemic? 

Whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience under your belt, we got lots of tips, hacks, questions, ideas and community to you help you put back on your feet or take you to the next level!

Join the Plastic Free July movement!


Imagine a world where we can work and enjoy life in harmony with nature!

About the challenge

Plastic Free July is around the corner! We want to bring our community in Toronto into a fun and engaging way to get rid of this convenient habit, together!

Going Zero Waste

We commit to eliminating single-use plastics and waste, without replacing plastics with a paper or compostable alternative.

Why? The problem is not the material but the way we use it: 

1 paper bag has 3 times more carbon emissions than a plastic bag on its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). (Bousted LCA Report Bags)


How it works?

  • You can subscribe to a day, four days (one day a week), one week or the whole month challenge
  • You can do it by yourself, with your household or  at your workplace
  • You will sign the pledge to reduce single-use plastics and waste in your daily life
  • You will receive questions, tips, tricks and hacks to help you along the way
  • We will host a weekly zero waste picnic for those ones looking for in person support, where we will share our successes and frustrations, exchange knowledge, share tips, and come together to create a community that is taking climate action

Get the chance to win amazing prizes

  • Some of the cool prizes include: 
  • Zero waste takeout for a year from Inwit
  • $50 Voucher from Karma Co-op
  • Gift Certificate from Common Sort
  • Art from K, There Co‘s up-cycled plastic collection
  • And more!

Together is better!

When we started our zero waste plastics life, it was isolating, and we believe that it is easier to make changes and act when we feel helped and connected to others. We hope that, through creating this challenge, you can achieve a sense of comradeship toward a zero waste lifestyle!

Challenge Partners:

Do you have a like-minded organization promoting real sustainable options and want to join the challenge?

Zero Waste Challenge

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