9 Seasonal Local Produce Recipes Ideas to Try in June

June marks the official arrival of summer and what better way to celebrate this much-anticipated sunshine than with some seasonal produce and the delicious treats it can inspire. These delicious recipe suggestions are sure to brighten and sweeten your summer. 

1. Fresh Apricot Jam

Apricots are the perfect sweet fruit at the height of June. As they are prone to ripening almost too quickly, we love making them into a jam to preserve that sweetness for months to come. Enjoy on toast or as part of a cheese plate, the possibilities are endless. Some key ingredients you will need are fresh apricots, sugar, and lemon juice. 

2. Blueberries’ Muffins

Did someone say some freshly picked blueberries? We say, let’s make muffins!
We suggest going picking in a local field for the best berries, and an afternoon of fun. The best part about making about a dozen blueberry muffins is that they are shareable with family and friends, or you will have snacks on standby to enjoy. 

3. Cherry Pie

On the topic of sweets, cherries are the most expensive summer fruit, but so worth it! They can easily be enjoyed on their own at a picnic, or if you want to wow your next dinner guests, you can make a cherry pie. Both sweet and tart with a thick pie crust and some vanilla ice cream; you can never go wrong.

4. Corn on the cob

It’s hard not to have visions of corn on the cob when we think of our favourite summer foods. Done on the BBQ or over a fire at the cottage, it’s always a sure crowd-pleaser and so simple to prepare. Enjoy the classic butter and salt topping, or if you’d like a vegan alternative, replace the butter with lime or olive oil. 

5. Peach cobbler

Another dessert recipe? Looks like this summer is going to be packed with sweet treats! A juicy peach can easily stand alone, but there’s something about the mention of peach cobbler that warms the heart and soul. Peach season is usually very short, so when it’s here, it’s time to make the most of it (make double!)

6. Strawberries & Chocolate

When we think of strawberries in the peak of summer, we think of strawberries perfectly dipped in chocolate. Visit your local farmer’s market, or a farm near you to pick them yourself in the sun. If you can wait long enough to get them home, dip them in your favourite chocolate sauce, and enjoy a quick and easy summer treat. Remember to look for a fair trade option for your choice of chocolate.

7. Fresh Watermelon Cocktail

For your next summer party, try infusing vodka into a whole watermelon. It makes for the perfect summer sweet treat with a spike for your guest to enjoy on a hot day. You can blend the boozy melon with ice to stretch it and cool your guests off. I think this summer party will get wild!

8. Cantaloupe salad  

One of the best and easiest summer appetizers is to eat the fruit as is, but to make things more interesting have you heard of a delicious cantaloupe tomato salad? It is made with thinly sliced cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and lemon juice, and topped with mint leaves. You will surely taste all the colours. 

9. Delicious Zucchini Side

Try a zucchini side dish next time you create any dinner dish, whether it be pasta, potatoes, or even a casserole. All you have to do is chop your zucchini, add some olive oil, salt and pepper, toss it in the pan and voilà! A simple dinner side dish for those packed summer days. 

Summer is just beginning as June comes in strong with all its fresh delicious produce, the colours, the warmth. The season marks the start of happy, hot summer days, and what makes someone happier than enjoying delicious fresh food on a hot summer’s day. Make sure to try these suggestions for yourself, and send us your pics. If you know any other recipes, please share them in the comments below.


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