Showing Our True Colors

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Here at Inwit, we thrive to create a space where everyone feels comfortable being different. We are diverse, inclusive, and commit to making each one of us feel comfortable in their own skin.

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Erika Reyes (she/her)



Clément Bureau (he/his)



Mohammad Tahvili (he/him)

Lead Tech

Mariam Asif (she/her)

Community Manager

Shawna Blain (She/Her)



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Ignacio Mongrel (he/him)

Growth Advisor

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Rick Findlay (he/him)

Business Advisor

You may wonder, "Why are they doing this?"

Seven years ago, we were not aware of the adverse effects of our own choices. We became environmentalists by accident, and it was because of single-use plastics that we started to understand and take action. We know firsthand that people who are not taking climate action today are not evil or don’t care. They are just like us seven years ago; waiting for their moment of inspiration. 

We believe that reusing in the takeout industry can become the gateway to inspire more people to embark on their own sustainability journey. 

We believe that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, and it brings an opportunity for all of us to reinvent the way we live, work, and enjoy life! 

Our chance to change the world is here!

The Inwit community is on the front lines of tackling climate change, inspiring more people, more companies, and our government to put people and the planet first beyond profit and convenience — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because the stakes are high, we want to leave the world we lived in better conditions to our kids, our nephews, nieces — and their kids’ kids.

We Care

  • For the community, our environment, and future generations
  • For diversity, inclusion and equity
  • For local businesses


We Commit

  • With a high level of integrity
  • We are accountable & reliable
  • Our values define our actions


We Inspire

  • By being passionate about waste reduction
  • By creating spaces and conversations to help change narratives
  • By contributing to a circular and ethical economy