Our Mission

Inspire & Empower People To Take #ClimateAction

We love inspiring and empowering companies to foster a sustainable workplace culture by providing delicious local restaurant without generating unnecessary waste!

The First Sustainable Transformation Was Ours

In 2015 we became environmentalist by accident after watching a documentary about plastic pollution. Since then, they have made a commitment to reduce our single-use plastics consumption. Little did we know, this was just the start of an incredible and transformative adventure!


We Love Food & The Planet

For the past four years, we have been at the forefront of Canada’s reusable packaging industry. In 2019, we launched Wisebox, the first pilot for reusable packaging in Canada’s takeout industry. This pilot laid the foundations for understanding the power of behaviour change science and climate psychology. In 2021, we introduced Inwit, Canada’s First Zero Waste Takeout Platform, ranking it among the top 15 Tech Solutions worldwide building low-carbon cities. We are currently supported by leading incubators and accelerator programs in Canada.

Showing Our True Colors

Here at Inwit, we thrive to create a space where everyone feels comfortable being different. We are diverse, inclusive, and commit to making each one of us feel comfortable in their own skin. We are passionate about shaping a more conscious, inclusive & diverse future!

Clement Bureau co-founder of Inwit

Clément Bureau (he/him)

& Chief Operations Officer

Erika headshot

Erika Reyes (she/them)

Co-Founder, President
& Chief Executive Officer


Mohammad Tahvili (he/him)


Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 10.24.53 AM

Naya Choi (she/her)

Fractional UX/UI Designer

Suanny Aranguren

Suanny Aranguren (she/her)

Operations Supervisor & Ambassadors Lead

rebeca huacuja

Rebeca Huacuja (she/her)

Operations Supervisor & Ambassadors Lead

Our Core Values

We Care
  • For the community, our environment, and future generations
  • For diversity, inclusion and equity
  • For local businesses
We Commit
  • With a high level of integrity
  • We are accountable & reliable
  • Our values define our actions
We Inspire
  • By being passionate about waste reduction
  • By creating spaces and conversations to help change narratives
  • By contributing to a circular and ethical economy

Stepping Into The Next Decade With A Sense Of Pride

We believe that reusing in the takeout industry can become the gateway for the ecological transition of our economy. We take great pride in bringing together restaurant partners, ethical and carbon free delivery partners, washing partners and our clients in the ecological transition of the takeout industry. 

We believe that climate change is the greatest challenge to humanity, but it also presents us with an opportunity to reinvent the way we live, work, and enjoy life. Our driving force is to enter the next decade with a sense of pride and we want to bring our communities along with us on this journey!

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