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An Invisible Monster

We are very disconnected from our waste. It’s a complex problem that many of us believe can be solved through recycling. However, even with the best intentions and systems in place, we only manage to recycle 11% of the plastic we consume.

In Canada, the takeout industry is generating over one billion single-use takeout containers annually. This wastes finite resources, contaminates our recycling system, endangers our ecosystems and impacts our health – all in the name of convenience.

This is why we are making the takeout industry circular and low waste, together.

Why reusables?

The problem is not the material but the way we use it:

1 paper bag has 3 times more carbon emissions than a plastic bag on its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
(Bousted LCA Report Bags)

Compostables tend to have a negligible benefit when compared to non-compostable packaging over their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
(Cleaner Engineering and Technology, 2022)

Protecting our health

Plastics are everywhere, from the deepest seas to the peak of Mount Everest.

Microplastics have been detected in human blood in almost 80% of people tested. A third of the blood samples contained Polystyrene and Styrofoam, widely used in food packaging.

(The Guardian, 2022)

Yes, the environmental crisis is complex, but together we can take action!

We don’t wait for solutions, we co-create them.

Helping Restos Transition

Let’s be realistic. The future of humanity depends on our generation. We need to shift toward circularity today.

We’re providing a circular system to ensure that independent restaurants are able to continue fostering the diversity of our city, nourish us with cuisine from around the world, and help us celebrate life’s milestones.

Designed With Circularity

We’re learning about sustainability together. We’ve done the research, and life-cycle assessments indicate stainless steel to be the healthiest and most sustainable option when reused more than 500 times.

Our containers are made from 75% recycled stainless steel. They are designed to keep your food warm and can be reused up to 10,000 times. They are also 100% recyclable and will never be downcycled.

Our lids are made from Tritan plastic & food-grade silicone. They can be reused up to 5000 times and are 100% recyclable, and as our lids’ materials cannot be recycled in local facilities, we have partnered with Terracycle Canada to ensure they get a second life.

Canadian Procurement

We take a holistic approach to procurement, by proudly choosing Canadian companies as much as possible. In fact, 63% of our goods and services have been sourced locally. By choosing to takeout with us, you’re helping us reach our goal of having the power of choice regarding where and how we manufacture.


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