One for One Impact Containers

Increase your impact, our stainless steel Inwit containers are now available for sale! Grab your own and bring change to our community, one step at a time.

One for One Model

For every Impact Container purchased, a new container is placed in circulation within the Inwit System. This helps Inwit onboard more restaurants and bring change to our community.

Twin layer insulation
Airtight (Freshness)
Stackable Containers

Inwit Impact Container | 36 OZ


Enjoy your salads and meal prep with maximum freshness with our containers! They are perfect for short-term refrigerator and freezer storage. 

The Year of Climate Action

Looking to eat healthier? Try a new recipe?

Manage your meal prep more pleasingly? The Inwit Impact Bowl is just what you need.


The Beautiful intersection of sustainability, impact, design, and durability.

Our containers are made from 75% recycled stainless steel. They are designed to keep your food warm and can be reused up to 10,000 times. They are also 100% recyclable and will never be downcycled.

The perfect companion for at-home meal prep and on-the-go eating

Need your food to stay warm or cold while taking it on the go? Our containers are twin insulated walls that keep your food warm and cold for longer periods of time.


Climate Impact Is Our Goal

Every time you purchase an inwit container; you help us place a container in circulation in our reusable system to prevent single-use plastics in the takeout industry.

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Why Go Reusable?

Seven years ago, we were not aware of the adverse effects of our own choices. We became environmentalists by accident, and it was because of single-use plastics that we started to understand and take action. We know firsthand that people who are not taking climate action today are not evil or don’t care. They are just like us seven years ago, waiting for their moment of inspiration. 

We believe that reusing in the takeout industry can become the gateway to inspire more people to embark on their own sustainability journey. 

We believe that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, and it brings an opportunity for all of us to reinvent the way we live, work, and enjoy life! 

Our chance to change the world is here!