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Eliminating unnecessary waste from our meals

Why reusables?

In Canada, 3.3 million tonnes of plastic end up in landfills each year, with plastic packaging making up half of that total.
(A greener future, 2021)

Even with the best intentions and systems in place, we only manage to recycle 11% of the plastic we consume.
(The Environmental Defense, 2019 )

Why reusables?

The problem is not the material but the way we use it:

1 paper bag has 3 times more carbon emissions than a plastic bag on its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
(Bousted LCA Report Bags)

Compostables tend to have a negligible benefit when compared to non-compostable packaging over their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
(Cleaner Engineering and Technology, 2022)

Protecting our health

Plastics are everywhere, from the deepest seas to the peak of Mount Everest.

Microplastics have been detected in human blood in almost 80% of people tested. A third of the blood samples contained Polystyrene and Styrofoam, widely used in food packaging.

(The Guardian, 2022)

Looking for Zero-Waste Corporate Meals & Catering? Hassle Free!

Want to bring your team back to the office while achieving your sustainability goals? Inwit can help with that!

How it works

Order online

Place your order on our platform at for a contactless pickup at our participating restaurants.

Pick Up or Delivery

Your order will be ready in our beautiful reusable containers. Enjoy a zero waste takeout experience wherever you are!

We deliver for groups of 10+ people.


Rinse & return containers to any of the participating restaurants within 7 days to earn Impact Points!

The faster you do it, the more rewards you will earn!

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The Inwit Experience

No restaurants in your area?  

Want to see your favourite restaurants offering zero waste takeout on the Inwit platform? 

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Taking the world in
a new direction

Taking the world in a new direction

We’re designing Inwit as a worry-free waste experience. We want to give people new freedom: to order where they want when they want without worrying or getting frustrated about creating waste.

By default, all our orders do not include single-use bags or utensils (napkins, forks, spoons, straws, etc.).

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