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Get meals from top-rated restaurants delivered to your workplace, sustainably! Who knew zero-waste work culture could be a piece of cake? 😋

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Exceptional Eats

Crafted Perfection: Dive into unparalleled culinary experiences with our handpicked restaurant partners. Every bite promises a journey of exquisite flavors.

Eco-Friendly Experience

Zero Waste, Maximum Taste: Enjoy your meals in stylish, reusable containers that keep food warm and the planet cooler. We take care of everything with our hassle-free empties collection.

Inclusive Meals

Safe & Satisfying: Catering to all dietary needs and preferences with ease, our team makes sure there is something for everyone to enjoy a delightful experience.

Curated Partners
Food Arrives Warm
On-time Delivery
Reusable Packaging
Carbon-free Logistics
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Our Wall of Love

Shafeeka S. | CBC
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Inwit's commitment to sustainability is truly commendable! Their eco-friendly catering was fantastic. Inwit is leading the way towards a better, more responsible future.
The Team Loved it
Chelsea D. | University of Toronto
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Thank you again for the lunch, it was amazing! The entire team loved it, and I personally thought it was fantastic.
Everyone Was Thrilled
Richelle P. | North West Healthcare Properties
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Everyone on the team was thrilled with the Inwit zero-waste experience! Delicious food, on-time delivery, and no waste – what more could we ask for? Excited to continue using Inwit for our office lunches!
Carolyn T. | StreetARToronto
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A fabulous and delicious zero waste experience promoting climate action that everyone loved.
A Delight
Maddie F. | University of Toronto
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The food was a huge hit, everyone loved being able to share a delicious meal without creating any waste!

Small Team Meetings

Elevate Your Office Lunches:

Transform any small team meeting into a memorable dining experience. With Inwit, ordering sumptuous meals for your next office lunch or gathering is effortless and delightful.

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Corporate Events

Celebrate with the Taste of Toronto:
Make your corporate events stand out with our exclusive Taste of Toronto experience. Our multi-vendor orders allow you to host uniquely splendid events that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind celebration that everyone will remember
What does a zero waste experience look like

A Zero Waste Phillosophy

Sustainability Meets delight: Inwit combines delicious dining with eco-innovation. Our reusable containers and green practices turn office meals into steps towards a greener tomorrow.

Join our journey of taste and sustainability.

Real, Measurable & Tangible Environmental Impact:

Join us in celebrating a sustainable culture that enables your team to make a difference. Inwit provides impact reports for your socials, ESG reports, or internal channels, so you can showcase your efforts and inspire others.

Join the Sustainability Revolution

Elevate Your Office Dining. Transform your office into a sustainability and culinary excellence hub with our sustainable office catering

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